Saturday, 26 December 2009

Why I love Apple - by a Grumpy Old Man

What am I doing here?  I'm not sure yet.   The Pip Inside;  I am hoping this gives you a clue as to my job and the reasons I have decided to spend some of 2010 writing about my experiences, frustrations, ups and downs working for an Apple computer dealer.  Or 'reseller' as Apple Inc insist on calling us.  

Reseller!   Now what does this conjure up?   

I wish I could have had a pound for each time a member of the public came in to one of our Apple Premium Reseller shops asking for 2nd hand computers.  It is so hard to explain why despite being called a reseller, we don't actually re-sell anything.   We are simply a seller (ie. a retailer!)   Why can't we be an Apple Premium Retailer?   The cynic inside me says if we are allowed a badge that too closely describes our business then too many people will use us to buy their Macs, and not enough will use the Applestore or Apple Retail stores (yes they're not called Apple Resell Stores).

So, follow me if you're interested in 2010 - I'm not sure how often I will update this - probably just when I have something to say.  I am and always have been an evangelist of Apple technology.  I love the company (despite my gripes - see above) - the product and innovation never ceases to amaze and inspire me.  I could no more think of life without my iPhone than life without my car (another terrifying thought)